design council summit

Design Leads Business

I wanted to cheer when I read this headline, and the list of guidelines within. For my entire career as a visual creative in business I’ve championed the subliminal power of design. Here is what we know is true:

Design is Changing the way Business Operates


Companies like BMW, Alessi and Apple use design to differentiate their products, but design is not just for luxury goods and elite products. There is considerable evidence for it acting as a mechanism for business growth and innovation. But how do companies utilise design to innovate and boost their business performance?

In his report, Leading Business by Design, which will form the basis of the Design Council Summit at the British Museum on February 12, Pietro Micheli, Associate Professor of Organizational Performance at Warwick Business School, has identified key practices through which organisations in various industries are using design to attain maximum impact, and has made eight recommendations for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage through design. read more