communication-overload-optimize-e1377161499141 Welcome to a new blog to showcase and share inspiring  marketing & digital communications. In a vibrant world of emerging entrepreneurs, we have amazing tools at our fingertips for creating and sharing our products and services. Here you’ll find news, inspiration, ideas and tools from the rich 24/7 world of information we swim in.Over the past decade or two I’ve worked in many facets of the marketing business. What continues to inspire me is the evolution of how we sell. Not just the tools, but the nature of business itself is changing. More than just making use of technology, we’re evolving the way we do business.

We’ve gained the freedom to reach out, connect with like-minded people, and put the power of publishing and broadcasting in the hands of the motivated individual. Stir in the rise of home-based business and self employment resulting from our most recent economic crisis and you have a vividly changing Landscape of Work.

I want to share ideas about communication with you: the Tools, the Channels, the Craft of Messaging, and the incredible Creativity of the New Economy.

I hope you will read, enjoy, share and contribute to the conversation!